This is the home page of Bellflower. There's only a little here for now, but I miss the era of personal websites, so I decided to come back to it and make one again. Who knows what may come? At the moment, this is so, SO a work-in-progress ,so there will be WIP pages all over for a while.

You can contact me via tumblr here or twitter here.

A Bit About...

...The Site!

This website is largely dedicated to my fannish interests, above all the musou series by KOEI. And this page, in particular, also gets to serve as an 'about me' to link from my social media. ♥ I am very keen on returning at least a little to the era of many individual sites with less of everything being all on a handful of large sites, and thus, this place was created. I can only encourage everyone else to give it a go as well.

You'll find here... well, as said, fannish stuff! I have been writing fanfiction for over a decade and, while slow, enjoy it very much. Most of it is hosted only on AO3 but I will slowly be adding my favourite pieces here as well. I've also been collecting KOEI merchandise for the same period of time and often get asked about it, so now, I can just share a link to here. At least when that section is done, eh? There's also a large section for my own character creations, being both fan ones and individuals from my own entirely original verses. And maybe more things, later on, as I consider them.

Take a look at the sidebar to the left to browse.


I'm a 36 year old cis, bisexual, autistic woman (she/her) running on GMT time, with a whole variety of interests. Specifics on the fannish ones? It's mostly KOEI by far and I have adored Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors since Dynasty Warriors 3 was released in 2002.

Aside from KOEI games, I am interested in videogames in general and play a bit of everything, with a special interest in FromSoft games (Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Elden Ring), Darkest Dungeon, survival horrors and anything with a strong focus on narrative. Right now my biggest fixations would be Baldur's Gate 3 and Lies of P.

Also fond of Touken Ranbu and am a huge pro-wrestling nerd!

I do of course have many interests outside of fannish things, including photography, poetry, plenty of historical eras and topics, and so on, but those won't come up much on this here site. It's a pure indulgent slice of fandom. ;)

Rebel & Create

I am fully supportive of a return to people making personal sites, fan shrines, and doing even a tiny bit to drag all web activity from a few central places! So if you want to make one yourself, while I can't do it for you, I can absolutely give you help, links and encouragment along the way. It's a lot of fun to craft your own little corner of the 'net and unleash your creativity upon it.

(And thank you for reading my front page all the way to the bottom).